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Greenfinch Technology is a software engineering company focused on innovation & quality. We solve business problems with our technology solutions. We provide our clients with a 'Design, Build & Manage' service to help them meet the challenges of their business in today’s fast-changing world.




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Greenfinch announces major project for major Irish multi-national

This project has a total effort of well over 10 man years. The project will cover the design, development and deployment of a large Java project using the agile development approach, leading edge Dev/Ops and the latest innovations in end user design.

Greenfinch have been awarded the Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform competency

Greenfinch Technology is delighted to announce our award of Gold Cloud Platform Partner by Microsoft. This partner award is in recognition of the high level of technical skill and of client satisfaction.

Greenfinch announces €1.5M export contract to UK & increase in employment

Greenfinch Technology has announced a major increase in their business in the United Kingdom with the signing of a €1m+ contract for technology project development with Sherwood Compliance Services of London.

Latest From Our Blog

Apache JMeter

Apache JMeter Load Testing with CAS

Apache JMeter is a free open source tool for load testing applications. We walkthrough how to intgerate with the commonly used authentication provider CAS ...

JPA Criteria Builder

JPA 2: Criteria Builder

Create dynamic queries in a typesafe manner. The Criteria API includes mechanisms for building queries dynamically at run time. A Java...

SLA 3 9's

SLA: How many 9’s do I need?

I recently had a conversation with a colleague regarding service level agreements and what kind of up-time SLAs we were required to provide...

Bluetooth LE

Xamarin Forms & Bluetooth LE

We recently workred with a client on building a mobile application to communicate with a Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE/BLE) device...


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